Fuel additive for two- and four-stroke diesel engines protects from corrosion and wear. Furthermore, it cleans the entire fuel system.

Diesel Additive prevents diesel bug and cleans the complete fuel system

Diesel bug is the result of the problems caused by bio diesel in diesel filters, fuel injection systems and power supplies. Biodiesel furthermore shows a tendency towards microbiological contamination. This results in mucous emulsions that impede the flow of fuel.

Already only when adding Diesel Additive when refuelling, bacteria are eliminated. At the same time, cleaning agents open clogged pipes. In the combustion chamber carbon deposits, resin and varnish on pistons, valves and nozzles are dissolved.

As a preventive measure, we recommend the use of WAGNER Diesel Additive with a mixing ratio of 1: 1000.

Diesel Additive protects tank, injection systems and pipes from rust

Especially tanks of older vehicles need protection, while in modern motor vehicles more and more often plastic tanks are used. Anti-corrosion additives attach to the metal parts of the fuel supply system and prevent rust and oxidation.


Diesel Additive is used in 2- and 4-stroke diesel engines as e.g.:

  • vehicles of all types and years of construction (classic and vintage cars, new vehicles)
  • tractors
  • utility vehicles as trucks, construction machines, forklifts
  • jerry cans

Further applications are possible

  • motors with turbo chargers, pressure wave chargers or compressors
  • successfully tested in SCR catalytic converters and high-pressure injection systems (Common-Rail, pump-injection)

Diesel additive is ideal if the vehicle is left unused during winter or another period of more than 6 weeks. Simply pour the Diesel Additive into the tank before the winter break, then fill up and get started in spring as usual.
Every kind of diesel fuel is optimised – agricultural diesel, standard diesel, premium diesel, bio diesel or native plant oil.

WAGNER Diesel Additive especially is of help in diesel fuels containing bio diesel. It has been tested in mixtures with a percentage of 2% (B2), 5% (B5), 7% (B7), 10% (B10), 20% (B20), 50% (B50) and 80% (B80). Even in 100% neat bio diesel and premium diesel fuels offered by certain brands, WAGNER Diesel Additive can induce improvements.


Add WAGNER Diesel Additive before refuelling in a mix ratio of 1:1000.
Example: 40 ml of Diesel Additive will be sufficient for a tank of 40 litres.