Octane Booster


Power Booster for petrol. Octane Booster – an eco-friendly fuel additive for 2- and 4-stroke petrol engines.

Octane Booster – Petrol’s Octane Value Increases by up to 4 Points

Fuel quality varies by supplier, country, and region as octane values vary greatly. Optimization of the octane value can be more drastic with low (95) octane petrol compared to high (98) octane fuel.

Octane Booster is eco-friendly

While many companies use manganese and other harmful metals to increase octane values Wagner’s new Octane Booster increases octane values through a proprietary formula that uses sustainable and environmentally friendly technology!

Octane Booster Improves Combustion

For an engine to reach peak performance it needs to combust fuel fully and with minimal residue.  When this occurs engine noises such as ringing, knocking, and impeded ignition are prevented.


Ideal for use in high-performance engines in racing vehicles, as well as all other petrol-run vehicles like motorcycles, historic and classic cars. Octan Booster can be mixed with every petrol quality, even with fuels that have an ethanol blend of 5%, 10%, 15%, 50% and 85%.


Depends on quality and octane value of the fuel.
Fuel quality varies very much, therefore it is not possible to indicate an exact dosing quantity. Optimization of the octane value can be more drastic with low octane petrol compared to Premium fuels.

Dosage recommendation according to fuel quality:
92 octane and inferior        2% i.e. 1 litre to treat 50 litres of petrol
95/98 octane             1-2 % i.e. 1 litre for 50-100 litres of petrol

Normally, the lambda value (air-fuel ratio) of high-performance engines is <1 in order to guarantee a suffi-cient engine cooling. By adjusting and adapting the lambda value to the fuel “boosted” by Wagner Octane Booster, higher performance and less fuel consumption can be achieved.
Regardless an octane value increase, 5% can be added to the petrol without any problem to get more power. Accidental overdosing does not damage the fuel system and operational safety.

For best results Wagner Octane Booster should be used regularly, preferably before each refuelling.