2-Stroke Power-Mix


WAGNER 2-Stroke Power-Mix is a petrol additive for optimizing engine performance and cleanliness of two-stroke engines.

2-Stroke Power-Mix cleans the fuel system

Friction-reducing additives reduce the internal friction of the motors and thus protect against deposits.

2-Stroke Power-Mix allows for an optimal engine operation

Catalytic agents provoke a significantly more efficient combustion which results in an increase in performance, an improvement in torque and a higher end speed.


2-Stroke Power-Mix can be used as fuel additive in all two-stroke gasoline engines, such as:

  • scooters, mopeds (vintage, classic, new vehicles)
  • small engines (chainsaws, lawn mowers, model engines)
  • outboard motors


Before refueling, add WAGNER 2-Stroke Power-Mix in a mixing ratio of 1: 200.
100 ml of WAGNER 2-Stroke Power-Mix are sufficient for 20 liters of gasoline.

Not suitable for admixture in nitromethane fuels.

Please note!
Avoid overdosing. When overdosing, the combustion chamber temperature increases considerably. Furthermore, WAGNER 2-Stroke Power-Mix does not replace the two-stroke oil to be added to the fuel.