Bactofin Fuel Stabilizer


Fuel additive for two- and four-stroke petrol engines protects from corrosion and wear and cleans efficiently the complete fuel supply system.

Ethanol – the problem of modern fuel

Due to the increased quantity of biofuel added, water can accumulate in the tank, because alcohols are hygroscopic. Water provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, yeast and fungi, which can cause devastating damage in the tank.

Bactofin stabilizes fuel

As a consequence of this, fuel decomposites when the vehicle is not used for a longer time. This means: It will not start any more.
Mixed to the fuel before a longer time of non-use (e.g. winter break), Bactofin will avoid this so-called “tipping over” and keep petrol stable.

Bactofin protects tank, carburettor, injection system and pipes from rust

The share of alcohol in the petrol produces a further problem: rusty tank. The reason for this are again bacteria in the tank producing acetic acid.
Acetic acid damages every kind of metal and therefore causes corrosion.
But corrosion does not only damage the tank, it also appears in the pipes, carburettors and injection systems, spots which hardly can be inspected.
Prevention is better than cure. With the aid of Bactofin as prevention against rust.

Bactofin cleans the complete fuel supply system

Due to the ethanol content in the petrol, the fuel is contaminated by bacteria. These microorganisms cause foam and mud, which gradually jam the pipes. Even while adding Bactofin when refueling, the bacteria are eliminated. At the same time, clogged pipes are cleaned by cleaning agents.

Bactofin – the better lead substitute

When using Bactofin, you can safely do without lead substitute as Bactofin also provides lubrication to the valves.


As a petrol additive, Bactofin can be used in all 2- and 4-stroke gasoline engines, such as:

  • vehicles of all types and years of construction (classic and vintage cars, new vehicles)
  • small appliances such as chainsaws, lawn mowers, brushcutters, lawn tractors, riding mowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, aggregates, etc.
  • boats
  • jerry cans

Further applications are possible

  • Wankel engines
  • engines with catalytic converter, turbo, G-charger or compressors

Bactofin is ideal if the vehicle is left unused during winter or another period of more than 6 weeks. Simply pour Bactofin into the tank before the winter break, then fill up and get started in spring as usual.

The petrol stabilizer is approved for all petrol-ethanol mixtures and has been tested in petrol-ethanol mixtures of 5%, 10%, 15%, 50% and 85% ethanol.


Add Bactofin before refuelling in a mix ratio of 1:1000.

Example: 40 ml of Bactofin will treat 40 litres of petrol.