Heating Oil Additive


Heating Oil Additive to protect and clean the complete heating system.

WAGNER Heating Oil Additive cleans the heating system

The suspended matter contained in the heating oil, such as resins, paraffins and asphalts, can produce deposits and sludge in the tank and in the pipes, which can later also be the cause of disturbances in the incinerator.

WAGNER Heating Oil Additive removes and prevents the insulating sooting, reduces existing sludge deposits and encrustations in the tank and prevents them from forming again. This ensures free filters and nozzles in the heating system.

An incomplete combustion of fuel oil also can lead to deposits of soot in the burners of the boiler. Again, the deposits are solved by the cleaning effect of the Heating Oil Additive. Thus, the heat generated can be released unhindered back to the heating water.

WAGNER Heating Oil Additive optimizes fuel values

The fuel oil additive provides a much finer and more intensive atomization, resulting in a significantly improved combustion. Combustion catalysts contained in the additive accelerate the reaction during the combustion of hydrocarbon and oxygen into CO2. This causes a significant improvement in burnup, better energy utilization and ultimately less pollutants in the exhaust.


WAGNER Heating Oil Additive can be used as fuel oil supplement in every heating system, apart from low-sulfur heating oil and oil condensing systems.


If possible, WAGNER Heating Oil Additive should be added before refuelling.

Mix ratio in new systems 1:3000
Mix ratio in older systems 1:1000 – 1:2000

A soot level of 0 – 1 permits a mix ratio of 1: 4000. This results in even higher savings.