Transmission Oil Additive SAE 90 Classic


Universal gear oil additive in every manual transmission and differential.

WAGNER Gear Oil Additive SAE 90 Classic reduces friction

This gear oil additive forms an adherent and shearing-resistant lubricating film and thus protecting bearings and tooth flanks from wear and pitting. Performance losses resulting from gear friction are reduced and the gear box is protected from overload damages.

The gear box is running steadily with lower vibration.


WAGNER Transmission Oil Additive SAE 90 Classic can be mixed with all standard mineral, fully- or semi- synthetic transmission oils.

It can be used in:

  • automatic gear oils
  • converter gear oils
  • industrial oil
  • hydraulic systems
  • servo steerings
  • also suitable for wet clutches
  • agricultural and construction machines

It must not be used in combined oil supply systems of engine and gear box – here you can use WAGNER Engine Oil Additive SAE 30 Classic.


Replace 10% of the total oil volume by WAGNER Gear Oil Additive SAE 90 Classic.