Lead Substitute


WAGNER Lead Substitue for four-stroke petrol engines is a high-performance lubricant allowing the unleaded operation of motors that normally run with leaded fuel.

Lead Substitute lubricates valves and valve seats

In former times, lead was used in fuels to lubricate valves and valve seats in combustion engines.
Due to the prohibition of leaded fuels, lubrication did not take place any more. Lead Substitute provides a protecting layer on valves and valve seats and reduces their wear.

Our tip

Instead of Lead Substitute, we recommend to used our Fuel Stabilizer Bactofin. In addition to the valve protection, it protects tanks from corrosion and many other negative side effects of modern fuels.


Lead Substitute is used as fuel additive in all 4-stroke Otto engines, as e.g.:

  • vehicles of all types and years of construction (classic and vintage cars, new vehicles)


It is best to add Lead Substitute before refuelling in a mix ratio of 1:1000.
Example: 40 ml Lead Substitute are sufficient for a tank volume of 40 litres.