Engine Oil Additive SAE 30 Classic



Universal lubricating oil additive to reduce wear loss in the engine.

WAGNER Engine Oil Additive SAE 30 reduces friction in the engine

This engine oil additive does not contain solid lubricants. Unlike conventional oil additives, it compounds with the molecules of metal surfaces and forms a finest reaction layer (protective shield) thus preventing welding at rubbing metal components. The result is a continuous and comprehensive surface smoothing which enhances emergency running properties and minimises abrasion.

This means

More engine performance reaches the drives wheels because less performance is transformed into heat. For the same reason, temperatures in the motor decrease. With the same power output, fuel consumption is considerably reduced. Exhaust values are considerably enhanced. The engine is running steadily with lower vibration. Cold start behaviour of the motor is improved.


WAGNER Engine Oil Additive SAE 30 Classic can be added to every standard mineral, semi- and fully synthetic engine oil.It can be used in:

  • fuel, Diesel and gas engine oils
  • transmission with engine oil lubrication
  • industrial oil
  • hydraulic systems
  • wet clutches in motorcycles
  • agricultural and construction machines
  • suitable for turbo charged engines and catalytic converter equipped engines

WAGNER Engine Oil Additive SAE 30 surpasses the followoing specifications relating to basic engine oils

  • API
  • CF-4/SHPD/SJ
  • ACEA A 3, B3


Replace 10% of the total oil volume by WAGNER Engine Oil Additive SAE 30 Classic.
Please note:  Every engine consumes oil.

Supplement to the oil consumption: 90% engine oil + 10% additive